James Bond, Danny Zuko, The Fonz; what do you associate with them all? They’re pretty damn cool. So what makes Nudl worthy of the same title? Well, let us tell you…

  1. The people

Having so much diversity within the Nudl team really helps us stand out from our competition. We like to make things easy here, if you couldn’t tell already, we like to work in hoodies rather than a suit and tie, it’s who we are and what we do, no bones about it.

  1. All about the fun(ding)

We are all fun here, each team member brings different experiences and knowledge to us and our clients, ensuring the teamwork is always on point – even to the point that you want to hang out with us outside of the funding process we are that cool!

  1. Being honest

At Nudl, we want to keep it real, at the end of the day we are here to help you achieve your dreams and goals the best we can, however we will tell you if they are realistic or not. We will never give you false hope. 

  1. Focus on you

Working within this industry, we are here to see your business grow and help you to develop yourself along the way. While we do have fun, ultimately we are here to help simplify funding for you.

  1. Success rates

With a great success rate since launching in March 2021, we will give you all the options available to make your application a success – just like we have with this lot!

If you want more top tips and advice on who we are, check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels for more information, call us on 033 344 8428 or drop a line to info@nudl.co.uk