what is smartbook

It seems like a no-brainer that the expensive book that you had to buy at the start of the term would have everything that you will need to know in it. The problem that I have personally found with studying from a textbook is that while it has all of the information that you need to know, it also has a ton of information that might not be necessary. It is so easy to get distracted or overloaded when you are just reading from the textbook. This unique question approach improves comprehension and long-term retention and sets Connect with SmartBook apart from any other adaptive tool on the market today. SmartBook keeps students focused by mixing related topics and reducing fatigue to improve retention. Connect®
Course management, reporting, and student learning tools backed by great support.

For instructors, SmartBook 2.0 tracks student progress and provides insights that guide teaching strategies and advanced instruction, for a more dynamic class experience. Students are busy, and they want their study time to be efficient and effective. Often, they struggle to know where they should start in the text and how to focus their attention. After reading, they don’t always know if they really understood the content or not.


The highlighted sections in SmartBook are based on the data that we use today to help authors and subject matter experts see difficult topics based on existing student performance and data. As students Practice in SmartBook, the highlights will adjust to highlight the content that is most beneficial to them. During the Preview stage, students see a thumbnail view of the chapter providing them with an understanding of the basic organization of the material. This allows students to build a framework of the content they are about to learn, which helps to organize the content in their brain. The free ReadAnywhere app lets students access their required reading and assignments, anywhere, anytime, across devices – even offline. Connect is a highly reliable, easy-to-use homework and learning management solution that applies learning science and award-winning adaptive tools to improve student results.

It supports you by automating time-consuming prep work, simplifying the addition of instructors to any section, and surfacing more information with fewer clicks. Easily see class and student-level assignment data, metacognition levels, and even the most challenging concepts. Motivate and build student confidence with the power of learning science built within SmartBook.

Giving Students a Voice—In and Out of the Classroom

With SmartBook 2.0, instructors can now assign readings down to the sub-topic level (rather than only to the topic level). This provides even greater control and alignment with their syllabus. The Practice stage of SmartBook functions just like LearnSmart. Based on what the student has read in the “Read” stage, SmartBook presents questions that will solidify his or her mastery of the content and identify areas that the student is struggling with. While everyone has their own way of studying and different strategies work better for some people, there is a universal resource that is often overlooked when trying to find help with studying… your textbook. This is how SmartBook 2.0 limits guessing and short-term, rote memorization.

If you are interested in learning about how your peers use Connect with SmartBook 2.0 and the results they have experienced, you may be interested in our efficacy research and case studies. Here we provide a wide array of examples that are specific to your discipline area. You have the control to create New Assignments and build a foundation using new chapters and concepts or Review Assignments from previously assigned concepts. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only.

SmartBook 2.0® Overview

SmartBook 2.0 improves student engagement using a layer of intelligence and adaptivity so that students can effectively and efficiently read, review, practice, and come to class prepared. Using the reports, instructors can determine if students are doing the work, and identify the concepts where students are struggling. Connect helps you deliver a complete, digital course experience that heightens student engagement with the material. Its flexible course what is smartbook design, digital-first vetted content and assessment materials, and easy-to-read analytics & reporting tools ensure best-in-class online learning. With Connect, each of your students can enjoy a personalized digital learning experience designed to help them optimize study time and ramp up their grade potential. They’re able to study effectively using SmartBook® and connect with their materials anywhere, anytime with the free ReadAnywhere® App.

what is smartbook

Help your students study when it’s convenient for them – anytime, anywhere, even offline. With more than a decade of collecting data from billions of questions answered across 90+ disciplines, we’ve learned a lot about adaptive learning’s impact on student performance. McGraw Hill’s adaptive learning solution is rooted in science, enabling you to boost student engagement, build on their knowledge, and prepare them for whatever comes next. What determines the highlighted section of the textbook that students see in SmartBook? Initially, it is population data collected from LearnSmart for that product.

This type of outline before an exam can save you tons of time and is extremely helpful as a review sheet to make sure you study what you need before the test. Unless you have an amazing memory, reading alone usually won’t help you learn something. The best way to really understand something is through practice. Instead of just reading a textbook page or chapter, SmartBook makes you answer questions while you read, forcing you to practice. This can take a little longer than just reading a normal textbook chapter, but it will save you time in the long run since you’ll remember and understand things much better your first time around.