Meet the Nudls


Chief Nudl

When it comes to business, this one knows where it’s at.

No airs and graces, just simple, straight-talking, down-to-earth, practical support to help you find the best funding solutions for your business.

Born and raised in the North East, his spirit of steel is strong and his passion for building, improving and strengthening the world around him is evident from the first meeting.

See what he can do – get in touch 01642 133 183 /


Growth Nudl

Analytical and passionate, Zara will not stop until she’s exhausted all possible options that will help your business thrive.

She uses her Nudl to find and understand a variety of solutions and puts them to you simply – no jargon or flowery language here!

Put her to the test – 

01642 133 183 /


Operations Nudl

Annmarie is a force to be reckoned with, and uses her superpowers to keep all the Nudls on track, organised and fighting for the best funding and investment for every one of our clients.

With Teesside roots but wings that have taken her around the world, Annmarie knows what businesses need, and how Nudl can help them get there.


Tech Nudl

There’s nothing this tech wizard can’t do to keep the Nudls powered up. 

From systems to equipment, Hassan has his finger on the pulse (not literally, that would be dangerous) of everything IT-based at Nudl HQ meaning nothing slips through the net.


Canine Nudl

Every business needs a cuddle-buddy, right? Molly is Chief Hugger, Managing Slobberer, and President of Morale.

Keeping growth Nudl Zara on her toes, Molly sniffs out the best prospects and isn’t afraid to get her paws muddy (that one is literally)


Mystery Nudl

We don’t know where he is, or when he’ll appear, but what we do know is that without him, Nudl just would not be the same…


The Charming Nudl

As someone who has grown up around strong business people, Rahfe is passionate about helping every business meet and exceed their goals, and will go above and beyond to make that happen.

A true Teessider, he wants to share the spirit of the North throughout the whole of the UK, and as the youngest Nudl, he identifies with the next generation of entrepreneurs and can relate to their journeys

0333 344 8428

07842 314786


Marketing & PR Nudl

There’s no one better to tell a brand story than marketing and PR Guru Charlotte. Leading on our strategy, she’s where we start telling the world what we do – and why. 


Epic Content Nudl

When it comes to awesomeness, no one comes close to Clover. She is the driving force behind the epic videos that help us give you an insight into who we are and what we’re getting up to. 


Brand Nudl

Is it a story? Is it a graphic? Is it an interview? Whatever it is, Jenn did it! Our Brand Nudl is in charge of making sure we look good, and are seen in all the right places. 

Charlotte M

Social Nudl

You’ll never miss a beat on our social media channels as Charlotte is all over it! From stories to emoji, our Social Nudl will always be sharing the best of us all!


Customer relationships Nudl

When you’re dealing with Alex, you’ll find it hard not to smile. His warmth and cheeky chap approach to customer journey, helps to build strong and lasting relationships. He is a great ambassador for Nudl. People from all over the UK and beyond feed this back to us constantly.


Digital Nudl

When it comes to digital vibes, nobody does it better than Gemma. Especially when it comes to marketing public sector and business support programmes. She’s relentless when it comes to leading on projects, ensuring our clients always get the best and are super happy!

Gemma (along with ome of the other Nudls), is also a big WWE fan, so you can often hear her Ric Flair impression. Woooooo!


Legal & Compliance Nudl

Tracey is a Law graduate and multi award winning entrepreneur. She has extensive knowledge and skills, especially in business support design and delivery. She helps Nudl to keep our clients fully compliant. You’re also not beating this Nudl at  at Golf!


Written Content Nudl

Sarah’s pen is definetly mightier than the sword. She’s an accomplised content writer and journalist, helping to get Nudl and it’s clients noticed when required. you might even think of her as Nudl’s own Lois Lane.


Audio / Visual Nudl

Lou is a wizard with all the technical parts of video and audio. She knows exaclty the kit to use and how to use it to keep Nudl and it’s clients’ content looking and sounding magic!