Some people may or may not know what we do here at Nudl, so we thought it would be best to speak with our Operations Nudl, Annmarie, to answer some of our most asked questions.

What is grant funding?

Grant funding is a sum money from the government that doesn’t have to be paid back. It’s awarded to your business to assist in its development, often for a specific purpose.

Who can access grant funding?

Any business. There are many different types of grant funding available which will suit different establishments

How long is the process?

It can vary based on the type of funding, how complex the process may be, who’s processing it and if any questions are brought up. It could be as quick as three weeks or it could be three months.

Can I get more than one grant? There may be more than one grant available but you want to find the grant which is best for you – we’re more than happy to help you choose.

If you’ve had a grant before, it doesn’t automatically mean you will – or won’t – be entitled to another one so always make sure you check the terms and conditions, as each funding process is different.

What can I buy with my grant?

Some things you might want to purchase with the grant could be:

  • Office equipment
  • Laptops
  • Refurbishment of an office space
  • Marketing services

The list is endless; however it has to be something that can help your business grow.

Can I buy a Rolex with my grant?

No, you definitely can’t buy a Rolex with your grant! It has to be something business related, not an item for personal use.

What if my Rolex is for work?

It would have to have some sort of business functionality, for example, a smart watch, which could be used for work purposes. 

Why should I use Nudl?

Why us? Well, that’s an easy answer, we simplify the full funding process for you.

Who’s your favourite Nudl?

It’s got to be Molly, the Labradoodle.

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