What we Nudl do

So, welcome to Nudl!

If you’ve landed here, you’re obviously looking to use your Nudl and apply for funding, so here’s a handy explainer of what we can do for you.


Let’s start simple. Grants are, essentially, free money from a government, organisation or person for a specific project – and it doesn’t need to be repaid.

This means that, if you or your business is eligible, a grant is one of the best ways to fund any business plans you have.

However, the types of grants available and the projects they can be used for can be quite restrictive – and the application process can be quite convoluted.

But never fear; the Nudls can take the stress away by helping you find not only find the best grant option for you, but polishing your application to make it shine.


No business is an island, and there will be times when you need to work with outside agencies to get your voice heard.

At Nudl, we have decades of experience in consultancy work, having secured over £100m of investment over the years and helped countless businesses grow.

Because of this, we know what works – and what doesn’t – so let the Nudl experts lead your way.

Research and development tax credits

If your business spends time or money looking into developing new products or services, have we got news for you.

You may not be aware that tax credits may sometimes be available for firms engaging in R&D – but you are now!

Let us do the groundwork to see what you’re entitled to, before dealing with all that pesky paperwork and getting you the cash you’re owed.

Angel investments

We’re often called angelic, so it seemed only right to put our money where our mouth is, using our own funds, as well as those available from investors, to support you in your growth plans.

Angel investments are great; they’re not necessarily limited to a specific project and you get to benefit from your angel’s experience and contacts as well as their money.

We can find you your perfect partner (if it’s not us, of course), drill down into all the details and handle all the negotiations – leaving you to spend your money as you wish!

Business Interruption Claims

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected – and that means planning for it too.

The Covid-19 pandemic was so unexpected, we’ve heard of a number of cases where insurers are refusing to honour business interruption claims – but all is not lost.

If you’ve suffered loss of revenue, or have still incurred business or staffing costs despite not operating, we can use our Nudl to see if there’s anything you can claim for.

Whatever financial assistance you’re looking for, our experienced team are here to help – so make sure you use your Nudl!

Contact us on 01642 133 183 or email info@nudl.co.uk