Did you know here at Nudl we also provide consultancy services? We spoke to Operations Nudl Annmarie to hear in-depth all about the consultancy side of funding. If you feel there is something in the way stopping your business from growing, then keep reading…

Our consultancy service is designed to facilitate business growth, as we will act as coach, mentor, facilitator, analyst, negotiator and/or operator for the company. Eligible projects must be new assignments of strategic significance to the firm, such as a specific strategic review of one or more business functions and/or implementation of a new strategic initiative at a corporate or functional level.

There will be several informal meetings and conversations between the Nudls and yourself – this is so the designated consultant can get a thorough understanding of who your business is and what it does. We will then break down the information you have provided us with and work out which grant would be the best for you.

Us Nudls offer expert opinions, analysis, and recommendations to you and your business, based on our own expertise, and we canprovide strategies to avoid problems and improve performance. If you are struggling in your business then a grant may be what you need to help your company grow or move in a different direction.

We have worked with many businesses in sectors including technology, marketing, accounting and construction, getting to know them personally so we can recommend the grant best suited to them and help them to canaltaronja.cat expand.

We simplify the funding for you, so you don’t have to.

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