Meet Alex – the customer-centred Nudl, who makes sure all our clients get first-class service…

I’ve just left uni with a degree in business management and I’m so excited to be starting my career with the Nudls!

I’ll be working as a customer advisor, a role I first heard about through Shak’s brother Rahfe; I passed him my CV, got an interview and the rest is history!

A large part of my role will focus on maintaining customer relations, answering their enquires and making sure all communication is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

After their first contact, I will then support the customer along their journey until they’re fully signed up, before passing the job on to one of the growth consultants.

Like all of the Nudls, I’m passionate about helping businesses to thrive, especially in our region; when we help them to fulfil their potential, it means that we are making a change, and change is key to success.

While I’ve only been part of the Nudl team for a short while, I’ve really been enjoying getting to know them and tapping into their knowledge.

It is clear to see that the people that the whole team are exceptionally talented and enjoy their work, and I’m really looking forward to learning the craft and becoming more experienced.

Before joining Nudl, I spent a lot of time working in the hospitality industry while studying, which gave me a great deal of valuable experience working with people and adapting to change – all skills that will be vital in this new role.

When I’m not working, I like to walk my border collie Gene – alone. While I’m a real people person, sometimes I need some down time, just me and the dog!

As well as Gene, I also have two cats, Gary and Bobby, who wake me up every morning by nibbling my ears – I’d prefer a cup of coffee, but it works.

I also love to exercise and keep fit, although I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when I was just 14 and had a full hip replacement last year, which slowed me down for a while. My next goal is to take on the Great North Run next year and raise money and awareness for arthritis at all ages.