Why workforce wellbeing is key

We recently worked with the fabulous folk at Key Wellbeing to help them secure funding to help more businesses look after their staff.

We’re all about a happy team at Nudl, so we asked founders Marie and Melissa to tell us a bit more about why workplace wellbeing is so important – especially when it comes to mental health.

In a study from January 2020, it was found that poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45 billion a year.

Of course, since then we’ve all wrestled with the impacts of a global pandemic – unemployment, furlough, chronic ill-health – so we’d expect that figure to be considerably higher by now.

And while, for much of the past year, the situation when it came to workplace wellbeing was largely out of our control, there are still some measures that can be taken whatever the circumstances.

That’s why we set up Key Wellbeing; we saw a need, particularly in the North East, for more support and training in the workplace when it comes to managing physical and mental wellbeing.

Here are three things we know:

It will benefit your business

Looking after staff wellbeing isn’t just the right thing to do for your team; it’s the right thing to do for your company.

The maths on this is clear; for every £1 spent by employers on mental health interventions, they get the equivalent of £5 back in reduced absence and staff turnover.

That’s not to mention the increases in staff loyalty and productivity that come with making sure everyone is well looked-after.

It’s not the same for everyone

Improving workplace wellbeing doesn’t need to involve expensive team rewards or yoga retreats, and it’s certainly not a one-size-fits all approach.

For some people, taking a quick break is all they need to restore their equilibrium; for others, it might be a new nutrition plan, a workout or the chance to connect more with friends and family.

That’s why we work with businesses to develop strategies to understand what their staff need from a wellbeing perspective; it’s no use implementing policies or procedures if they’re going to end up making staff feel worse.

Employees can help themselves too

When it comes to mental health, while a supportive workplace is important, there are plenty of ways staff can boost their mood too.

We always recommend starting the day right and checking in with themselves before they check in with the world.

That means not reaching for their phone first thing and instead taking some time for themselves, maybe getting a quick workout in or eating something nutritious.

Taking care of the basics can go a long way towards feeling good; that means sleeping well, keeping hydrated, getting regular fresh air, connecting with others and eating a healthy diet.

We love to work with businesses to improve their wellbeing practices, and it’s rewarding to see the positive effects.

Staff feel more valued, and as such are happier, healthier and more productive, while management feel more confident in handling difficult conversations – a win-win situation for everyone.

Your workforce wellbeing is as important an investment as office equipment and machinery, so if you’re looking for ways to improve yours we can work with you to secure the funding you need.

Use your Nudl and drop us a line to info@nudl.co.uk to find out more.

To find out more about Key Wellbeing, visit www.keywellbeing.co.uk/