Meet Annmarie – the Operations Nudl who is passionate about helping all businesses thrive

I’ve known chief Nudl Shak for a good while now, after he helped other businesses I have worked for achieve funding.

We’re very much on the same page; throughout my career, I’ve been passionate about helping other businesses to succeed, offering mentoring and working on public sector contracts offering advice and support.

My other passion is Teesside, so my role with Nudl allows me to combine the two – I get a great sense of satisfaction and pride through helping businesses (and their people) to grow, especially in this region. 

I am really proud of Teesside, even though no one north of the Watford Gap actually knows where it is. Having said that, there are so many amazing companies around here, that’s slowly changing.

I was born in Saltburn, left at 18, and worked in London and Europe, but I’ve always wanted to return – so, around 20 years ago, I did. 

But that’s not before I had the opportunity to travel the world, living in Spain for a while and visiting Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Brazil; I’ve still got India and Japan to tick off my bucket list, but there’s not been much opportunity to travel recently!

It’s a far cry from my first job in a bakery, and even further from my very early days as a ‘librarian’, when, as a child, I used to force my younger siblings to be my customers at my pretend library. I even indexed all the books!

Away from work, I love to spend time with my family – my new granddaughter in particular – and indulge my love of exercise. I swear by yoga to help me relax, and I’ve also just finished the Couch to 5k, which is a great mood-booster.

And when I’m not running, I’ve developed quite a crafting habit – at the moment, I’m obsessed with patchwork and crochet; maybe I should be known as the knitting Nudl…